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"i was a daisy fresh girl and look what you've done to me........"


i am quite the Nymphet: A muse to many. A very sexually precocious girl that is always horny. i have quite the Daddy Issues...which i don't see as issues at all. i'm bisexual and into all kinds of things sexual. i like to think of myself as a free spirit. A very natural, no make-up girl that loves cute flower dresses with lovely Pink Converse Sneakers. i love the Daddy/Dom/Little lifestyle, Lolitas and Hard Bondage. i love Stockings, Corsets, High Heel Shoes and Boots, anything Burlesque, Latex, Anime, Tinkerbell, Monsters Inc., Despicable Me, Tattoos, Daisies, Mermaids, Polaroid Cameras, Writing, Books, Ballerinas, Baby Turtles, Paris....oui Paris, Candy...OMg Candy and The Color Pink.

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"You are Life passing through your body, passing through your mind, passing through your soul. Once you find that out, not with logic, not with intellect, but because you can feel that Life - you find out that you are the force that makes the flowers open and close, that makes the hummingbird fly from flower to flower. You find out that you are in every tree, and you are in every animal, vegetable, and rock. You are the force that moves the wind and breathes through your body. The whole universe is a living being that is moved by that force, and that is what you are. You are Life." PhotobucketMailbox

"That thing is a killing machine..." Monadorablebabygirlsdaddy via Monsters Inc.____ "i miss Your stupid face......" babygirl
You will find Him at: MonAdorableBabygirl’sDaddy


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Ellie: Can I hold your hand?Carl: No.Ellie: But why?Carl: Because it’ll hurt when you let go.
Some people need to realize this…..and not before it is too late…..He may choose to ignore now, but it will hit that I am not getting better.

Ellie: Can I hold your hand?
Carl: No.
Ellie: But why?
Carl: Because it’ll hurt when you let go.

Some people need to realize this…..and not before it is too late…..He may choose to ignore now, but it will hit that I am not getting better.

(via distance-does-not-matter-deacti)

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